Stress – The Struggles, Issues, Symptoms and Support

Stress Counselling in Bordon, Hampshire, close to Surrey borders
If you feel threatened, defenceless of vulnerable in any way, your body will respond in the form of stress. When you sense danger (whether it’s real or imaginary), your body will try to defend itself and this rapid, automatic process is known as the stress response or the ‘fight or flight’ reaction.

When the stress response works properly, it can help you to keep focused, energetic and alert. In fact, it can even save your life in an emergency situation. We’ve all heard, for example, of people finding extra physical strength when faced with a life-threatening incident.
But, there are times in our lives when the stress becomes continuous and unbearable and this is where stress counselling can be really effective.

With rising stress levels, you may struggle with:
• your moods
• your relationships
• your ability to cope
• your quality of life
• your job
• your day-to-day life

If you have experienced stress, the issues may stem from:
• your career
• family pressures
• relationship issues
• financial
• unemployment

If you have experienced stress, you may recognise some of these symptoms:
• problems with your memory
• an inability to concentrate
• poor judgment
• focusing on the negative side of things
• anxious or racing thoughts
• constantly worrying
• mood swings
• short-tempered and irritable
• agitated and unable to relax
• feeling overwhelmed
• feeling lonely and/or isolated
• depression

You may also experience physical symptoms such as:
• General aches and pains
• Diarrhoea or constipation
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Chest pain
• Rapid heartbeat
• Loss of sex drive
• Frequent colds

How can counselling help with stress
If we decide to work together, we will look at the root causes of your stress, and use a range of techniques and tools to try and manage stress more effectively and learn how to relax.