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Being in a relationship can sometimes be a bit of a roller-coaster.

When we meet and fall in love with that special person, we feel they are the person of our dreams, and you cannot imagine that things could go wrong. So when things go awry we don’t understand what has gone wrong. We can’t understand why the other person has changed so much and they are not the person we first met.

Some of the causes of relationship challenges
• Financial difficulties Read more HERE
• Affairs & cheating Read more HERE
• Constant arguments
• Sexual difficulties
• Previous relationships
• Children and step-children
• A lack of communication Read more HERE
• Each wanting different things

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Most relationships to experience difficult times, and if the 3 C’s are present then the chances are your will get through them.

What are the 3 C’s?
• Communication
• Commitment
• Caring

If any one of these is missing, then it will make it more difficult to overcome the challenges. Things get brushed under the carpet, and resentments build and fester – sometimes for years. Then couples often start to lead separate lives, looking outside the relationship to get their needs met. Continual bickering can ensue, and each feels really miserable.
If this is happening to you – then a Relationship Specialist can really help.

Here are some of the things I hear people say when resisting outside support:
• We can /should sort it our ourselves – we don’t need an outsider interfering.
• What an outsider do, they don’t know us
• We cant afford it
I will challenge these comments by saying:
• Have you resolved the problems so far?
• As an outsider, I don’t have any emotional agenda, I can offer unbiased support
• Can you really afford not to sort this out?
If you work with me:
• I WILL listen to each of you respectfully and hear your side of the story
• I WILL help you get to the root of the problem
• We WILL work together to find way of resolving the issues, whether you want to stay together or not
• I WILL give you my total support, as I care passionately about working with couples to get the best possible outcome
• I WONT tell you what to do
• I WONT take sides
• I WILL give you tools and techniques that will help you move forward.

In some cases, couples may have already decided not to stay together, but, they may still need to find a civilised way to communicate.
I have a website that is dedicated to Relationships, as it is my Specialist area of expertise.
To visit the Relationship Specialist website

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