Success Stories

Here is what some of my clients have said after working with me. Most of them prefer to remain anonymous  which I totally respect.

“You have given me back my life!”

I was literally an emotional wreck, and unable to function in my normal life. I was willing to try anything to make me better. I found the experience of working with Wendy enlightening. I have changed so much and feel like some long term burdens have been lifted. You have given me my life back. Thank you Wendy !

Jan, Four Marks.

” I am gaining confidence, growing as a person and understanding myself”

Having been through an abusive relationship and struggling with my feelings, I felt anxious. I hadn’t had a good or positive experiences of working with previous counsellors. However, I felt comfortable working with Wendy, going at my pace. As a result I feel more like my old self, gaining confidence, growing as a person, and understanding myself as a person.”

Marie, Farnham

” I realise I have to look after myself first”

I didn’t understand why I felt it difficult to commit to relationship. Working with Wendy I realized it related to how my parents split 13 years ago. Before seeing Wendy I thought counselling was for those who had hit rock bottom. But it made me realise I I need to look after myself first other than try to please  and look after everyone else.

Susan, Headley

” I have rights and need to stand up for myself”

I wanted to understand myself more  and why I acted in the way I did. And at first I felt nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but I really enjoyed the sessions. I learnt that I do have rights and can stand up for myself. Not taking unacceptable behaviour from others.

Jan, Bordon.

“I feel inner peace”

Due to depression, stress and anxiety. I found myself in a very bad place, mentally and emotionally. I had no reservations about working with Wendy other than a fear of the unknown. I knew I needed external help and guidance. I found the process of working with Wendy very pleasant, friendly and productive.  She helped me understand myself, my feelings and thoughts. She has shown me how to feel at peace. As a result my ‘bad’ thoughts are much reduced and I feel inner peace. 

Angie, Haslemere

” I have regained control of my life”

Before working with Wendy I was feeling desperate and out of  control. I was concerned about opening up, and to let go of the pain I was going through. Working with Wendy was both emotional, enjoyable, and successful. I learned coping strategies, and regained control of my life.

Simon, Farnham, Surrey

“I am able to accept that things happen in life”

My situation before working together was that I was feeling unsettled and distressed about a life incidence. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to speak openly about my feelings and the emotions I was experiencing. I has been useful to look at things from a different perspective and I now have the confidence to accept that things happen. 

Janet, Arlesford

” I have gained positivity”

Before working with Wendy life felt very bleak and negative. Having been in counselling before without any benefit I was skeptical of any positive outcome. However, I found the process very rewarding. Behaviours were questioned and challenged, and I was given tools and strategies to change my thinking and to stop the downwards spiral I had been on. I gained positivity, and am able to use the tools and theories to change for the better. 

Sue, Bordon, Hants

“I have seen what has been lacking in our relationship, and now getting onto the road to recovery”

When I came to see Wendy with my wife I felt blamed and defensive. I was unsure what Wendy could do as my parents are Counsellors and I was a bit sceptical. I found some of it tough, at the same time illuminating, interesting and enjoyable. I have seen what has been lacking in our relationship, and now getting onto the road to recovery.

“We now communicate more and have made positive changes”

Before my husband and I started working together on relationship with Wendy I was extremely upset and had lost a lot of weight. Working with Wendy was sometimes tough, but altogether a positive experience. We now communicate more and have made positive changes

Sam, Bordon.

” I’ve gained my confidence back which has enabled me to set up my own business”

“I was in the worst emotional state and certainly going through the hugest time in my life before starting working with Wendy – I felt totally lost! I have never had any sort of  counselling and so I was unsure of why talking to someone that knew nothing about me could help, since I had a great network of friends. However on every occasion, I left my sessions with Wendy feeling more positive and with small steps had more clarity. I’ve gained my confidence back which has enabled me to set up my own business and get out there meeting new people and not dwelling on the past, and only look forward”  

Maria, Farnham, Surrey